Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Month of Giving Thanks

Several people on FB and Twitter have been posting something they're thankful for each day during the month of November, so I thought I would make my way back to my much ignored blog and do the same. Here goes...

1. My wonderful husband who puts up with me even at my worst
2. Healthy, smart, handsome, well-behaved (for the most part) children
3. Our dog, Lily, even though she always barks for 5 minutes after she hears a knock or a doorbell--including on TV
4. A nice enough home to live in
5. My health
6. Cars to get us where we need to go
7. Plenty of food to eat (usually more than we need)
8. Lots of family and friends
9. iPhone--I'm not exactly sure how I ever survived without it before
10. DVR
11. Marilyn, my cleaning lady
12. Kindle
13. Our new regular-height kitchen table
14. makes Christmas shopping so much easier
15. Wireless Internet
16. Swiffer
17. Freedom--probably should have been a little higher on the list, apparently it is something I take for granted
18. Getting to be an aunt, which allows me to spoil and not worry about discipline like I do with my own kids
19. Grandparents and that my kids have gotten to know even their great-grandparents
20. Board games
21. Aaron's joy of cooking--it's nice to have a husband who shares in that responsibility
22. Aidan--my "baby" boy who was born on November 22, 2002
23. Having a stable job
24. Tequila
25. Advil
26. Tara, who I'm glad to get to talk to a lot more these days
27. Matt, who is always there when we need him to help with something around the house
28. Donnie, without whom my hair would be drab, and my life less joyful
29. Sweet Tea
30. Chocolate