Friday, February 12, 2010

L. Perry Keithley 1923-2010

Last week my grandpa passed away.  He had lived a long, full life of 86 years and I believe he was ready for his journey on Earth to end.  It was a sad time for our family to lose its respected patriarch, and I felt both guilty and sad that I hadn't spent more time with him in recent years.

Through the sadness, I was able to come away with a sense of how lucky I really am in my life with my family.  At 32 years old, he is the first grandparent I have lost.  The other 3 are still alive and well for my own children to know.  I know everyone is not so blessed to have so much family around them for so long, and I thank God that He has bestowed this blessing upon me and my family.


  1. I'm so sorry, Amber. I'm sure he was so proud of his legacy--the family he left behind.

  2. I'm really sorry, too. I was very sad to hear the news. You really are blessed to have 3 additional grandparents. I'm sure he was very proud of the life you were living and understood when you weren't able to spend time with him. But it's good to remind us all that we need to spend time with the people we love.